RUSTIC WALKS - a dog walking and home boarding service
Welcome to Rustic Walks - a dog walking and home boarding service

Dogs are by nature pack animals and crave companionship.  Being left alone for long periods of time may result in behavioral problems and certainly boredom.

Dogs need regular exercise and attention and whilst some dogs will happily walk for a couple of hours a day, these walks will stimulate both their body and mind.  

We all love to walk our dogs, but with increasingly busy lifestyles, sometimes it's just not possible to get out as much as we would like.  

Let Rustic Walks help - giving you peace of mind.   

Whether you are at work all day, called away at short notice or through illness or just unable,  I can assure you your dog will have the opportunity to burn off that energy, receive plenty of love and attention whilst also getting to socialise, play and have fun with other dogs.   

Your dog's safety and wellbeing is very important.

Healthy dogs are happy dogs!

LICENSED by Lichfield District Council for Home Boarding.

INSURED by Cliverton Insurance for public liability, care, custody and control. 

Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Awards

‘Understanding Your Dog’ -  South Staffs Dog Training 
(dog body language, aggression, conflict management and how a dog learns)

‘Canine First Responder’  - M J First Aid Training 
(canine CPR and first aid)